Squats for Soldiers

Squats for Soldiers
Squats for Soldiers
Jun 08, 2019

Squats for Soldiers

In 2019, Squats for Soldiers is now a virtual and an in-person fundraising event to help raise money for the Front Nine Foundation with proceeds benefiting Children’s Hospital of Illinois, Tee It Up for the Troops, the Blaine Robinson Family, the Family House of Peoria, and SPC Mike Howie. Participants will challenge their body and mind to perform to a level of fitness that they have not before.

Participants who enroll for Squats for Soldiers will be able to participate between the times of 10:00 AM and 2:00 PM on Saturday, June 8th.

Squats for Soldiers is taking place at the 2019 Peoria Fitness Expo, which is located at The Yard of Peoria. Once you arrive at the event you will be able to sign-up at the door. If you have already signed up prior to the event, please show the ticket collectors that you are participating in Squats for Soldiers and you will be able to advance to the event. Once you get to the designated Squats for Soldiers event area, please communicate with the event table that you need to warm-up or that you are ready to squat.

Please let the registration table know of your squat weight and time when you arrive. This will assure that the event runs smoothly and that the spotters load the bar correctly. Lifters can choose from loads of bodyweight only to whatever is desired to be squatted.

The goal is to perform as many squats as possible with your desired load. This is the time to push yourself to raise as much money as possible for people in need. You can get as many people to pledge or sponsor your Squats for Soldiers.

All money must be collected before or at the completion of the participant’s squats. The entry cost of $50 will get participants a shirt, beverage ticket, and participation of the event.


Event Overview

Date: Saturday, June 8th, 2019

Location: The Yard of Peoria

Time: The first squat will begin at 10:00 AM. The event will run until 4:00 PM (both days); followed by announcements and an awards presentation.

Note: Squats for Soldiers is partnering with The United Powerlifting Association Welcome to the Jungle Championship. So the powerlifting trophy winners for both days will be announced at the completion of the powerlifting competition.

Awards & Recognition: Immediately following the final squatter of Squats for Soldiers, the awards for most weight lifted by volume (Male & Female) in person, most weight lifted by volume in the virtual competition, and most money raised will be recognized. Once the final squatter has finished we will also draw the winner for all of the raffles.