Squats for Soldiers

Squats for Soldiers
Squats for Soldiers
Jul 29, 2017

Squats for Soldiers

Squats for Soldiers is a fundraising event to help raise money for the Front Nine Foundation with proceeds benefiting Children’s Hospital of Illinois, Tee It Up for the Troops, the Blaine Robinson Family, the Family House of Peoria, and APC Mike Howie. Participants will challenge their body and mind to perform to a level of fitness that they have not before.

Participants who enroll for Squats for Soldiers will sign up for a 5-minute time slot between the time of 8 AM and 12 PM on Saturday, July 29th at Anytime Fitness North Peoria. Once the time of your squat arrives, the spotters will have your desired weight ready for your squat. Please let the registration table know of your squat weight and time when you arrive. This will assure that the event runs smoothly and that the spotters load the bar correctly. Lifters can choose from the loads of 25lb up to whatever is desired to be squatted.

The goal is to perform as many squats as possible with your desired load. This is the time to push yourself to raise as much money as possible. You can get as many people to pledge or sponsor your Squats for Soldiers. All money must be collected before or at the completion of the participants squats.

* It is encouraged that each participant raises or sponsors a total of $50 for the event *

Event Overview

Date: Saturday, July 29th, 2017

Time: The first squat will begin at 8:00 AM. The event will run until 12:00 PM; followed by announcements and an awards presentation. 


Anytime Fitness North Peoria
1320 West Commerce Drive
Peoria, Illinois 61615

Registration: There will be open time slots posted on the Squat For Soldiers Facebook Page. Please reserve a time slot by one of the following ways;

1. Stopping by Anytime Fitness North Peoria

2. Calling Anytime Fitness North Peoria at 309-966-4217

3. E-mailing Patrick Thompson at Patrick@ptxpt.net

About 12:00 PM (Noon) there will be a brief recognition of proceeds benefiting and why they have been chosen for 2017.

Awards & Recognitions: Immediately following the final squatter, the awards for most weight lifted by volume (Male & Female) and most money raised will be recognized.

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Event Registration Fees: $25

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